Please note that the 7th YSS has now been postponed - date TBC

The University of Cambrdige will host the 7th International Symposium for graduate/PhD students and young professionals working in the fields of malting, brewing, and distilling. The aim of the symposium is specifically to attract young people, new in the field, and to cover a broad range of malting, brewing, fermented beverage and distilling related topics. This low cost symposium also intends to facilitate the dissemination of scientific work and to stimulate the discussion about state of the art topics in the field. It is specifically designed to initiate networking in this group of people who will be the future of the malting, brewing and distilling community. Many more details will be forthcoming shortly, but I urge you to mark off those dates next year to ensure that you don't miss out on what promises to be an amazing event. We so much look forward to seeing you in Cambridge!

Prof Katherine Smart

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Welcome to Cambridge

Cambridge is a city on the River Cam in eastern England, home to the prestigious University of Cambridge, which was founded in 1209. The University of Cambridge has 31 colleges and Queens' is the ninth oldest and one of the largest colleges of the university with some of the most recognizable buildings in Cambridge. The older buildings date back to the 15th Century, whilst the more recent 20th Century buildings are modernistic in design. The college spans both sides of the river Cam, colloquially referred to as the "light side" and the "dark side", with the world-famous Mathematical Bridge connecting the two.


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The 7th Institute of Brewing & Distilling Young Scientists Symposium will take place at the University of Cambridge, UK. The programme will feature keynote papers from invited speakers and offered papers and posters. Abstract submissions for papers and posters relating to malting, brewing, fermented beverages and distilling are encouraged. Specific themes of the symposium will be: crop sciences, botanicals sciences, materials bioprocessing, brewing sciences, distilling sciences, sensors, analytical and microbiological techniques, low and no alcoholic beverages, functional beverages, engineering, sensory and flavour sciences, sustainability and packaging.